Touchpoint Tunes is a brand new Independent label owned by multi-platinum Indi-Pop star and Bollywood rapper Style Bhai who had mega successes as an iconic 90’s Indi-Pop singer/rapper with his self-titled gold debut album Style Bhai and subsequent platinum plus song, Roop Tera Mastana Remix with singer Shaan. Years later he wrote composed/co-composed and sang rap reggae on massive hits with A-list Bollywood music director Pritam on nuclear songs like Twist, Love Mera Hit Hit, Aai Paapi, Character Dheela that have a cumulative 500 million views and countless streams. Style Bhai’s new venture is his record label Touchpoint Tunes. At the front of desi rap, pop rap and hip hop with upcoming new releases and dope original writers/artists. Touchpoint Tunes is an Independent music label and a production house. 

As a in-house multi-platinum selling A&R at Touchpoint Tunes, Style Bhai who has proved he knows how to write massive and iconic hit songs and melody is taking the best creative approach to producing, recording and releasing songs with new artists without signing them onto the label unless they so desire. Artists who we work with are independent and we intend to sign shorter duration agreements of a set amount of songs. The artists have to remain exclusive to the label for the duration of the agreement but can create their own original songs for their YouTube channels as long as they are not backed  by another record label/production house directly or indirectly. Creativity and business need to meet in a more realistic space. The label is forward thinking and will be fully transparent with regards to financials. Touchpoint Tunes will put out songs in popular and regional genres in the near future. Style Bhai has been there, won that. Expect the  hottest music releases, meeting of creatives, cool original artists, dope music, mad studio vibes, bangin’ beats, bonafide hits, creative video themes, in-that-zone artwork/imagery that lifts a song to it’s Touchpoint with listeners.

The meeting of the minds, cool artists, dope music, mad studio vibes and bangin’ beats make hits. We take a great song and make it slam harder, bang louder!