FloTrix Is a rapper, producer, from beautiful hill town Shimla who collaborated with Psyck, Vitamin E and Cutterfly and together they form a lethal weapon. FloTrix, like many other rappers, thinks rap is a lyrical sport where constant competition with self and other rappers is an ongoing event for life, and TRIXTER does it for that thrill of it. Mission is to bring SHIMLA ON THE MAP OF HIP-HOP.

FloTrix – I make music for the hardcore hip hop heads, the head bobbers, n the lyric listeners. If you appreciate good lyrics and delivery in hip hop you’ll certainly fall for my music. Good music you can actually dance to. That’s what I aim at when I’m making music I love all my fans to the core n I’ll never let you down as far as the sport goes. It’s been a very pleasant ride as an artist so far. I’ve made many friends, enemies on the way however the journey has been exquisite. Just keep supporting our work, cuz there is a piece of our heart in each of those songs we create for you.